Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Basket Blog Hop

I haven’t participated in a link up in forever so when I saw this Easter Basket link up I couldn’t resist!

This years Easter baskets are brought to you courtesy of Amazon and Target. Ha!



I’m a fan of fun and practical Easter baskets so thats why there are a few tops included. Plus clothes are still fun at this age to receive. The rest of the contents include candy (of course!), a foldable pony case, pony coloring book and pencils, and more candy. Also, there is a Precious Moments bible. Kendall needs a bible and I thought this one was too sweet. Plus it reminds me of the Precious Moments bible I had (and still have) as a little girl.



Since she’s not even a month old, I scaled back on the candy for her basket. She gets that via mommy’s milk. Ha! Her basket includes a giraffe crinkle/teeth toy, a crinkle toy, a cute dress, and a bunny. Also see the Elephant teething toy. Kendall had the Sophie the giraffe and loved it, but I wanted Adley to have a different animal so she gets Kiki the elephant. Best teething toys ever!

Misc. Easter loot


We have 2 Easter dinners to attend this year and Kendall has 2 boy cousins close to her age so I make sure to have something for all the kids to play with at Easter.

I can’t wait for my girls to get their baskets. I have so much fun putting them together!

Last Week

Last week Adley dressed up in a pretty dress for visitors. DSC_0349

Last week Caleb and his mom came over to play and visit. They brought us lunch! Kendall and Caleb jumped on the trampoline!


Last week we celebrated Uncle David turning 25. We gifted him a large bag of Lucky Charms Marshmallows. Kendall was excited for his gift. Ha!


Last week Kendall wore out these butterfly wings.

DSC_0358 DSC_0363

Last week Adley tried on some of her pretty dresses and let mommy play photographer.


Last week Adley discovered how pampering a bath can be. :)


Last week Kendall started doing chores with her daddy.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Adley’s Sip ‘n’ See

This weekend was Adley’s debut! My mom hosted a Sip ‘n’ See for Miss Adley Kate!


My girls pre-party

April 2014 051

Kendall was so excited! I purchased all 3 of us new dresses and accessories and we color coordinated!

April 2014 054

The guest of honor snoozing away before the fun began!

April 2014 055

The beverage choices! I’m loving that mason jar drink dispenser my mom got from Wal-Mart.

April 2014 056

I will have to share this yummy drink recipe later.

April 2014 057 April 2014 058

The food spread. My mom throws the best parties and has the perfect kitchen island for buffets!

April 2014 059

Everyone getting some Adley time!

April 2014 060 April 2014 065 April 2014 066 April 2014 067

I love this picture and my friend Tara and I. This sums up our friendship. Ha! We are looking and talking about Adley’s belly button.

April 2014 072

Entry way

April 2014 076

This sums up my whole heart (minus Chris of course – love you too, hun!)April 2014 080 April 2014 081

All the ladies! Grandma is the best!

April 2014 084

Aunt Amanda and Adley

April 2014 087

My tired big girl! She still fits in my lap! Ha!

April 2014 089

It was a special and intimate event! I was so tickled to celebrate Adley!