Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday: Goodwill Shopping

Since I just had a baby one month ago, and I have a closet full of smaller, cute clothes that don’t fit again yet, I don’t want to spend a lot of money and buy transitional clothes. But I am also OVER wearing maternity clothes.

While out and about with my mom and Adley on Friday, we decided to hit up a Goodwill for fun because we love thrifting.

I decided to look for some clothes and I was impressed with what I found! All pieces were $3 a pop! Can’t beat that!

IMG_7580 IMG_7581 

Left – Unknown brand cardigan

Right – a.n.a. top (JCPenny brand)

And in both pictures unknown brand jeans

 IMG_7586 IMG_7590

Left – Xhilaration black ruffle dress

Right – Ann Taylor Loft piko top


Other honorable mentions

Left – Mossimo ruffle silk top

Right – workout tank!

I was happy with my purchases and would like to hit up another Goodwill soon.

Do you thrift store shop?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Kendall at 3.5 years

Kendall, Kendall, Kendall!

I can’t believe my little girl is 3.5 years old. She is such a sweet little person! She has such a sweet heart and cares so much for everyone around her. She loves to make people laugh. She’s a big sister. She’s a little OCD. She loves to play. I could go on and on.


I compiled a list of fun things Kendall says these days that I want to remember forever.  

She refers to past tense events as “last year”. “Remember when we did that last year?’ (And she really means yesterday!, Ha!)

“Okie dokie, turn yourself around!”

“You’re my sweetheart honey bunny!”

Kendall is obsessed with MLP (My Little Pony) these days. She loves to watch the episodes on Netflix on the Ipad. She will come tell us funny things Applejack or PinkiePie says and its so darn cute!


Butterflies:When one says a bad word, you say butterflies. This all started when Mommy dropped a bad word on the porch and Ms. K repeated said bad word. Mommy immediately said, “we don’t say that, we say butterflies!”

So now if she hears a bad word or even a not so bad word, she tells us to say Butterflies!

“Can I have a snack?” All the time!

K was obsessed with a pair of butterfly wings a few weeks ago. She asked me what would happen if she went outside with them on. Ha! She told me I could hold her leg and she would fly us across the street! Love her!


“This is yucky!” she says this to every food we try to give her that isn’t sour cream chips or cotton candy yogurt.

One night before bed Kendall was kind of lonely and asked if Wilson could come in her bed because she needed a buddy. :)

“I’m a super sister!”

“Want me to make you smile?”


Her favorite pony is applejack.

She loves school. Her favorite friends are Hannah and Caleb. Her buddy is her uncle David. She loves her sister Adley.

She loves to eat sausage patties, sour cream chips, Trix cotton candy yogurt, chocolate milk, watermelon, and sweet tea.

She loves blowing bubbles, jumping on her trampoline, playing hide and seek, and helping mommy around the house.

She wears a size 4t and size 9 shoe.

She’s about 38 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds.



I am so blessed to be your mommy. I love your heart and your personality. I miss you when we are apart and enjoy spending time with you every day. It’s been so fun watching you grow into such a fun and playful little lady. I am so proud of you! I look forward to watching you grow each and every day!

I love you so much!



Easter 2014

We had a wonderful Easter! It was the perfect day spent with family!

Our day started with Kendall opening her Easter basekt.


She opened Adley’s too. Ha!


Kendall loved her goodies!


Before Church on our porch


After church, we headed to my grandparents house to play and eat.


And find eggs.


Best buddies


The cousins, spouses, and kiddos that were present!


My family minus my dad and husband


My sweet family of four :)


Outtake haha


Please note how messy my dress was at this point… kids keep me dirty y’all!DSC_0528

Playing in the kitchen


I had Chris take this picture last night. Kendall didn’t want to change out of her Easter dress and we were cuddled on the couch watching Monsters Inc. So fun!