Friday, June 17, 2016

Foyer & Dining Room

I love a formal dining room. We don't use ours. Shocker! It's more of a catch all. However, when it is used (for parties, etc) it is really nice to have, 

Here's the view of our front foyer. To the left is our formal living room and to the right is our dining room. I love the tile in this area. 

I redid this piece of furniture when we moved in. LOVE it. 

I have plans to recover the chairs and get new curtains. It just hasn't been a priority for me!

I love this dining set and I love placing pretty things in the hutch. 

Any ideas on what (if?) I should put anything on the walls in here?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Living Rooms

Linking up with Kelly's home tour this summer sounded like a fun way to show the rest of the new house off! Today's subject is living rooms! I feel like this post is kind of lazy because I really don't want to tidy up both rooms to take pictures at the moment. I will just plan on updating later.

We have a HUGE formal living room. When my parents lived here we NEVER used this room growing up. It was so many different things, but mostly an office, and never a living room. Ha! Well, we don't sit in here all the time but it fits our big furniture just fine. I could envision building built ins with a fire place on the far blank wall. I feel like that would give it a lot of character.

This picture was taken the morning of Adley's 2nd Birthday!

Since then I have moved the love seat out of the living room and placed it in our "den" off the kitchen. Chris and I disagreed about what this space should be used for. He wanted a table here since it's in the kitchen, plus that's what my parents had here. Womp Womp. Well, originally before the original renovation, this was your basic 1970's wood panelling den and it was closed off. I wanted it to be a space where the girls could hang while I cook or I could listen to my DVR shows while I clean the kitchen or fold laundry.
So here it is...

I have plans to replace the mantle with a barnwood style mantle and get a bigger tv and hide the cords in the wall. Or should I say Chris is going to do that. The decor is what I call Americana Chic. It matches my kitchen style seen here. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rooms for the Girls

It has come to my attention that I have MAJORLY slacking on posting pictures of our house! I took some the last time it was really clean (lol) so I will show it off! Enjoy!

Today, I will begin with the girls' rooms. First up is their shared bathroom!

Next, is the adorable room that belongs to Adley Kate!

We've yet to set up her bed because she falls ALOT.  Her bed is identical to Kendall's. 

I LOVE that the girls have 2 closets in their rooms. One for toys and the other for clothes.

Now to Kendall's room... she has this cute little entryway.

Shopkins city is going on! Ha!

Kendall needs some wall decor and curtains like YESTERDAY! Hoping to whip that up this summer!