Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kendall is 4!


I cannot believe this little baby is now 4 years old.

[March 2011 047[4].jpg]

I just blinked and now you are a beautiful, smart, fun, energetic, little BIG person!

I am in awe of the girl you are becoming each and every day. You make me (us) so proud.


Everyone you meet is always so impressed by home smart you are. I love listening to you talk and make sense of your world. You have so many memories, ideas, funny things you say, and you are so inquisitive.


You are beautiful. I know beauty is only skin deep. And my dear, you are a super model! But you are such a beautiful person. You have such a kind and giving heart. You love to share and make sure everyone around you is happy. You love making everyone smile and like to make sure everyone is happy. You are an amazing friend and big sister. Your energy and love is contagious.


You are so tender hearted. Your feelings get hurt easily and you are compassionate towards others. The other day Adley fell while crawling and you wanted to cry too.

You love school. You have adjusted so well to your new school this year and have made so many friends and memories already. The staff compliments me all the time on what an absolute joy you are to be around. All of your friends love to hug you when I pick you up. I truly think they miss you when you are apart! Your joy is contagious!


You are so funny! You love playing games and making up words. I love sneaking up on you and hearing you pretend play with your toys. Your imagination is incredible! You love to play with your stuffed animals and barbies. You love painting and coloring. You have lots of toys and real cameras, calculators, and note pads you love to carry around in bags.

You have so many friends these days. You love playing with Laiken (neighbor) and Allie (daycare and dance). You love Caleb. (Always!) You love to hold your sister and make her smile.

You love doing things with your mom and dad. We like to cook together and do fun projects. I love when we have one on one time together. You love to play outside with daddy and mow the grass with him.




4 Year Stats: 33ish lbs, 39ish inches, size 4t clothing, size 10 shoe

What is your name?

Kendall Grace Ryan

What is your favorite color?

Purple and Pink and Blue

Who is your best friend?

Laiken and Callie and Caleb and Allie

What is your favorite tv show?

Paw Patrol, DoC Mc Stuffins, Sofia the First, My Little Pony, and Handy Manny

What is your favorite food?

Bananas, Apples, Applesauce, flowers

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a cheerleader for Halloween.

Anything else you want to say?

I want to paint.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Adley is 7 months old!

Miss Adley,

You are a mover and a shaker this month! I can’t believe how mobile you are at the moment. You know how to get around and it is all you want to do!


You scoot, roll, and crawl all over the floor. You are even starting to try to get up on your knees and pull up on things. We are in trouble!

You are so busy! You are great at independent play on the floor or in your playpen. I can turn on Mickey Mouse and set a few toys in front of you and get stuff done for about an hour. It’s awesome!


You adore Kendall. You just think she is the most amazing and entertaining person in the world. I don’t blame you, she’s pretty great! She makes you laugh and you love when you play together.

You love all your toys that make noise and the little people figurines. Everything goes in your mouth!



You are eating so well. You are eating all types of baby foods. I’ve given you teething biscuits, graham crackers, and a piece of texas toast. Ha! You don’t get the concept of puffs yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long.You are still breastfed and take breastmilk about 5 times a day.


Sleeping… not the best. You aren’t a big fan of your crib. You prefer to be wedged between mommy and daddy. Mommy doesn’t mind, but you have a tendency to smack daddy in the back all night. Ha! Napping is ok… Grandma has difficulty getting you to nap. You’ve just got too much going on… ain’t nobody got time for that!


You are saying a few more words and sounds. Not entirely on queue, but you make a da-da, ma-ma, na-na, and hi sound. You are so friendly and always smiling. Everyone in public lights up when they see you! You generally are only upset when you want something or don’t like something and we can tell really quickly because you throw a fit! Ha!


I have no clue what you weigh. My guess is 18/19 pounds. We’ve bumped you up to a convertible car seat and so far car rides have been much more enjoyable for everyone versus when you were in the infant carrier. You are so long! You’re wearing 12-18 months size clothes, depending on the brand. I feel like I’m buying new pairs of leggings every week!

And this hair? I don’t know how to style it these days, but it sure is getting long! Some days it looks really blonde and others it looks like it has a red cast or a light brown to it. We will see! I think the blue eyes are staying though! Beautiful baby!


Life is so fun with you by our side! You are such a fun and happy presence in our family. I love seeing you discover new things and I love being around you. I love our cuddles at night and I love being your mom. Here’s to another fabulous month! Love you!


Kendall’s 4th Birthday

We had the bright idea to have Chris and Kendall birthday parties on the same weekend. Chris turned 30 on the 14th so we celebrated his party with family and friends Saturday October 18. We served chili, hot dogs, and snacks and it was a good time. I took all of 3 pictures and none of the birthday boy. Oops.


K’s party was the following Sunday and it did not disappoint!

My sweet girls in purple before the party.


Kendall showing off our party decor!


Big Girl!


I just love her personality!


How is she 4 already? I feel like I blinked and here she is, this beautiful young person.


Frozen cake via Kroger. Easy peasy, and delicious!


I love this picture of her looking out the window for party guests.


Adley was quickly tended to once party guests started arriving. Best thing about having family around is you always have aunts or grandparents to take baby and feed, change, play etc!DSC_0919 

I love having our home full of family and friends!  


Little buddies! So fun that these two are in the picture now! I can’t imagine life without these sweet baby girls!


Pinata time! We put up my parents large outdoor tent over the patio for both parties and it was so nice!

DSC_0122 DSC_0144        


  DSC_0939 DSC_0947

Play time!

DSC_0979DSC_0259DSC_0191DSC_0238 DSC_0255DSC_0232

It was so fun seeing Kendall interact with all her buddies! Life is good!


And here is a Christmas card picture candidate…

DSC_0302 - Copy

My whole heart right here!