Friday, July 25, 2014

Week of Doctors Visits!

Last week was all about doctors visits!!! The week prior I took both girls to our PCP because I just knew they had ear infections. And I was right. Kendall did. :( 

Then we had a meltdown day. Adley was up every hour on the hour Wednesday night. This was us outside on the porch the next morning. Our faces explain it all!

That same day, I took K to the dentist. That wore me out. K did better than the last time, but we had to hold her down during part of her cleaning. I always feel like I'm being judged and should have better control of her. It's frustrating. Don't tell my daughter you want to use a "tickle" brush on her mouth. Seriously.

Wednesday K had her 6 month ENT appt. I was anxious about it because she has had tubes in for 2 years and recently had back to back ear infections. Apparently, 1 in 100 kids' ear tubes don't fall out and my daughter is that special 1. So we scheduled for her to have them surgically removed. 
And then Friday my little baby had her 4 month appt. Girlfriend is 15.3 pounds (70%) and 26 inches (95%) and 100% healthy! 
She had to get 3 shots (1 oral) and she did not feel good the rest of the day. 

I went to school later while my mom watched the girls and it broke my heart. I feel so torn. I want to be at school meeting people and figuring things out, but then I also want to be home with my sweet girls!

I'm glad all those visits are over.

I got a JOB!

I got a teaching job!!!!!
Funny story... My husband was talking it up with my parents lake house neighbors and it came up that this person knew about a job opening at their school.
Chris starts texting me about the position and I realize I know a teacher there as well. So I start talking to her on fb about it for more info. 
Two days later (Monday), I went in to the school to see if I could meet the principal, introduce myself, and leave me resume. When the principal walked in, I instantly recognized her! It was my 7th grade English teacher!!! Small world! 
We talked for awhile and she explained that it was a cart teaching position.

The next day, I was called for an interview. I interviewed the following day and was called and offered the position!!!!

I will be teaching a Special Area Science Discovery Lab and seeing classes on a weekly rotation. I will use a cart and be in home classrooms majority of the time, but they also found me a space to make my own! 

It's an atrium area on the second floor. I'm just so excited I have a job and I know I will do a great job in this position!! Next year I will have a classroom, but this is my year to really show off what I can do! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Picnics and a Chore Chart

We’ve had exceptionally odd summer weather this year, so we have taken advantage of the cooler temps by playing in the yard. This particular day, we thought it would be fun to have a snack picnic in the yard.

My picnic buddies

DSC_0769  DSC_0772

Group picture (minus yours truly)


Our picnic lasted a whole 10 minutes. Ryan girls do NOT do bugs. Sorry, not sorry!


Recently, Kendall has taken on more responsibility in the household. Ha! I’ve always let her help with things around the house. Like setting the table, cleaning up her toys, and putting away laundry. I’ve showed her how to make her bed and she likes to fill Wilson’s bowls sometimes too.


She has also become FASCINATED with walking the dog.


So much, that we have had to make sure to take his leash and collar off when he comes inside so that she doesn’t hurt him. Poor, Will!


I made a little chore chart we used for all of 5 minutes. It includes walking Wilson, making the bed, taking a bath, helping with dinner, and brushing her teeth 2x a day! Obviously, I’m not a slave driver. I’m just trying to keep her grounded. Ha!