Saturday, September 13, 2014

Adley started solids!

I tried and tried to hold out until 6 months, but I just felt she was ready. Once Adley started sitting up unassisted and after I did a little research (aka looking on my blog to see when I started solids with Kendall) I decided it was time to introduce Miss Adley to food!

We started out with pears and a little watermelon chunk.

IMG_0052 IMG_0054

Next came squash, green beans, and cantaloupe in our meshy thing. Then sweet potatoes, bananas, and banana in the meshy thing.

IMG_0082 IMG_0087

Sometimes we get sticky after food at grandmas so she gives you a bath!


It’s safe to say you love food! You eat almost 1/2 of a Gerber 1st foods container a few times a day. :)


Labor Day Weekend: End of Summer

Labor Day weekend was rainy this year. We took advantage of the weather and had a fun family filled weekend.

One of our favorite places to go, surprisingly, is Bass Pro Shop. It’s huge and so fun to see all the camo things. I even showed Kendall how to play the game where you shoot things. #raisingherright Ha!

IMG_0019 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0024 IMG_0026

Adley started full on sitting up this weekend. She no longer can be left alone in this thing. ha!


And we merged the girls two bedrooms together. Yes, our girls have a joint room now and Adley’s room houses the bazillion toys they own.


This girl was super excited to have a “buddy” in her room.


However, her buddy hasn’t got with the program because she sleeps in mommy and daddy’s bed every night!


It’s been a tough week

Everyone says your first year of teaching is the hardest. I believe it. I have cried several times in between classes and after school. I broke up a fight in second grade and was called a b**ch by a 10 year old this week. It’s probably against the law to share that, but I want to remember it.

It’s crazy how I can have days where I can’t get out the door fast enough, but then I am also so very happy to get to school and try again with students each and every day. I hope I feel that way all the time.

I cried Thursday morning on the way to work because I just wanted to stay home with my babies. Kendall had an accident and was up at 530 so she was in our bed and Adley woke up soon after. I turned on Mickey Mouse and they both giggled and played while I did my hair and makeup in the room.

I really missed being home with them that morning. I wanted to stay with them so bad. I didn’t want to take Adley to my moms. I didn’t want to take Kendall to school. And I most certainly didn’t want to go to school and raise my voice at students that won’t listen.

It’s tough being a working mom. It’s tough working with two kids. It’s double the guilt. I think we are still in that transitional phase, still searching for our normal. I hope I don’t always feel so exhausted and crunched for time while working. There are always breaks, right?

I’ve been giving all my time at home on the weeknights to my girls. And this weekend I busted out my sewing machine because I just wanted to do something that makes me happy because I wanted to do it, not because I had to. I have like a million school things I need to be doing (that’s what Sunday afternoon is for, right?) but it was fun to just make some ruffle socks for the girls and decorate my house for fall. And tonight I blog. Ha!