Saturday, August 30, 2014

Adley is 5 months!

Miss Adley,

You have been a ball of fun this month! You are learning and doing new things every day. I cannot believe you’ve almost been here half a year. Pretty soon you will be crawling and eating solids. You are always smiling and I cannot imagine a day without you here in our family!

This month you have been…

  • Talking! You love to use your voice!
  • Smiling! You love smiling at everyone!
  • sitting up (almost unassisted) you love to sit on the floor with your boppy pillow keeping you up and have toys around you


  • You can roll over every way possible
  • You can also scoot across a blanket and move in your walker across the floor
  • You love to be standing and sitting – no more laying down for this girl!

DSC_0832 DSC_0835 

  • You spend your days with Grandma and that is so much fun!
  • You and Grandma send me pictures and videos at work of all the cute thing you are doing
  • You are really good at grasping objects now
  • You have a few favorite toys and you love sleeping with a lovey or stuffed animal up by your face
  • You also love to sleep in our bed. I guess we should just move you to a queen size instead of your crib because you want none of that


  • You’re still an awesome nurser! You take bottled breast milk on the week days and then cluster nurse all evening and night. I’m so proud we have made it this far!
  • Pretty soon you will start solids and you are SO INTERESTED in food! Some days I think you might just grab something off my plate
  • You can hold your own bottle


  • You’re not a big fan of your carseat. We might be moving to a convertible seat sooner than later
  • You’re teething like a mad woman!
  • You’re kind of getting tired of your Rock-n-Play too – you’re so long and it’s not that comfortable for you anymore, but you nap great in it
  • You love watching Kendall play! You’re dying to get up and join her. It won’t be long before you are!
  • You love it when your daddy comes home!


  • I have no clue how much you weight but I’m guessing it’s around 16-17 pounds? Maybe more?
  • You go through diapers like a newborn!
  • You are wearing a size 3 diaper and size 6-9 month clothing
  • You still LOVE bath time!

And so much more my crazy, busy mommy brain is forgetting!

I love you so much baby girl! I still can’t believe you’re mine! I love holding, snuggling, and loving on you each and every day! I look forward to your next month of firsts! Love you bunches!


Tommy and Pam 4evah

My cousin Rebecca turned 30 last weekend and threw herself a Celebrity themed party. We were asked to dress up. My original costume idea was that Chris and I would go as Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe. Mr. Dramatic didn’t have the right uniform so he didn’t want to do that. Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Shepherd were a close second but we didn’t want to buy scrubs. So… I don’t even know how it happened, but we came up with the idea of dressing up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Gross, I know, but so fun and nothing like us!


Like our tattoos?

IMG_9919 IMG_9914

My husband went and bought us temporary tattoos from Walmart. Then he thought I should have letters on my tank top that read Playboy so he went and got me some iron ons. I just want it to be known that it wasn’t my idea. Ha!

IMG_9923 IMG_9927

The birthday girl was Ms. Marilyn, so I’m really glad we didn’t go with my original plan!


Chris ended up winning best male costume award from the Academy. It was fitting. Boy was all kinds of white trash with his bachelorette tattoos on his arms and neck. Ha!

IMG_9940 IMG_9937

While Mommy is away…

The first few weeks of August my mom kept the girls while I spent the days getting my class room area ready and going to trainings for school. I just love all the things my mom and the girls did! It is fun seeing your girls have so much fun even when you’re gone!

DSC_0805 DSC_0813 DSC_0816 DSC_0817 DSC_0818